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 Harrison Family on Phyllis Tilley Bridge
We had the most Awesome time
on our tour. It was a great Family
Outing and we all had a great
experience. We will be scheduling
another one soon!
The Harrison Family


What is a Segway?
The Segway Human Transporter (HT) is a 2 wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered transportation device able to turn in place and designed for one person. You ride the Segway by standing on its platform between the two wheels. The Segway debuted in 2001 by its inventor Dean Kamen.
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How fast can a Segway go?
A Segway can go up to the speed of 12.5 mph and a distance of 24 miles depending on terrain.
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What are the Segway weight limits and why?
The i2 Segway has a load restriction weight of 100 to 260 pounds. If the rider is below the minimum 100 pound weight limit, the Segway rider may not be able to shift his/her weight far enough to safely control the Segway. The maximum 260 pound weight limit is to protect the structural integrity of the Segway.
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Do I need a reservation?
YES. Tours can quickly book out. To ensure a Segway to ride, a reservation IS required. Reservations are taken online.
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Is the Segway difficult to ride?
Not at all. Most people become confident Gliders within 5 to 10 minutes. If you can walk upright, you should be able to ride a Segway. However, our orientation and training sessions are required at the start of every tour whether you've ridden before or not.
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What should I wear?
Always dress for the weather. Always wear comfortable shoes (tennis shoes are the most comfortable shoe to wear, we DO NOT allow flip flops or high heels).
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What time should I arrive?
You and/or your group need to arrive no later than 20 minutes before your scheduled tour.
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What if I have to cancel?
At Cowtown Segway Tours, we want everyone to get their money's worth. If you have a plausible reason for needing to cancel, I will work with you.
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Do I have to wear a helmet?
Yes, all participants are required to wear a helmet. One will be provided free of charge.
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Can I arrange for a corporate or business event?
Yes private tours, Team Building events or private Segway rentals can be arranged according to your company’s needs. Please call us at 817-891-2346.
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Can I rent a Segway?
Yes. We have daily and weekly rentals. Please call 817-891-2346 for more details.
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Are there private tours?
Yes. Private tours are encouraged, and there is a higher degree of personalization thus enhancing your tour experience. Pleaes call 817-891-2346 for more information.
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