Downtown Fort Worth Segway Tour
2:30PM Downtown Segway Tour
Price: $55.00
2:30PM Downtown Segway Tour
75 minutes Downtown Fort Worth

Downtown Fort Worth is a mixture of business, tourism and adventure.
 On any given day you can experience the hustle & bustle of everyday city-life, where several major corporations have their headquarters. 
Or the calm bliss of vacation, with free art museums, historic landmarks, great shopping, restaurants and a variety of local live-music and comedy shows.

What happens on our Downtown Segway tour:

The excitment begins with a brief training session at our store, our guides will make sure you are safe before heading out.
After radios, headsets and helmets are equipped, we'll be on our way...
When you are comfortable enough outside, we'll begin at the Hyde park panther fountain.
There we'll take a group photo for you and you'll hear all about the panther fountain story!
Then we'll make a 75 minute loop around Downtown to visit..

Fort Worth T&P Station
The Water gardens
Convention Center
JFK Tribute
Sundance Square
Tarrant County Courthouse
Major Ripley Allen's memorial
Star Telegram building
and a few extras!

The Downtown tour is very ideal for anyone interested in Fort Worth history, becoming more familiar with the city
and generally finding out what's around! Plus there's always the fun of riding a Segway around the water gardens!

To book a tour, choose your time and click more info! 

If you have any questions please call Alex : 682-225-0000